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Custom hand-carving and design


Large basswood acanthus corbel



Carved in 2001 these corbels are almost 36″ tall and 8″ wide. The four corbels¬† are carved out of basswood and took about three days to carve. They are one of my favorite corbels. I love that the acanthus leaf comes over the side, wrapping around it. The design took a little bit of time. I did a mock-up in modeling clay first. I needed a real reference for the size and dimension of the wood blank I would need to cut out. The more accurately I could cut out the blank, the more time I would save in the carving process. The clay mock-up made it easy to blank out and carve four corbels without costly mistakes and having to buy more wood and re-cut a new blank. In my project gallery you can see the finished corbels and them also during the carving process.